12 Pocket Card Organizer/To Go Kit

Well, I finally got a chance to make one of these totally awesome card organizers!! I got the idea from Patty Bennett . Go check her blog for pictures of MORE of these awesome organizers!

I will be offering this as a "To Go Kit". All you need to do is let me know the Designer Series Paper you would like me to use and I will assemble the organizer and send it to you. What is included in this "To Go Kit"? You will select your choice of Stampin' Up! Designer Series paper and I will assemble and bind your project using that paper. I will also include the printed January - December pages for you to add to your pockets, and the title sheet for you to add to your cover if you wish. The title sheet will be a little more generic with black printing for your organizer so that you can personalize it any way you choose. If you would like your title sheet customized to match your organizer (like mine does) just add $2 to your payment and I will customize the color of the print to match your DSP. I will also include the cardstock mat to coordinate with the color of your Designer Series Paper. Your project will be shipped in a Priority Box so that the rings will not get crushed. The Title Sheet and calendars will NOT be attached to the organizer just in case you want to stamp them before they are attached.

The cost is $20 plus $4.80 for Priority Shipping. You can pay by PayPal using my email address: ltrain26@aol.com. Remember to leave your information when you use PayPal. Your name, address, paper selection and a phone number. You can also pay using your Discover Card, Master Card or Visa Card by emailing me or calling me with your information: 510/573-7693. I will also accept checks but we will need to wait for the check to clear before I send out the package. Your order will be shipped immediately after I receive the order for the Designer Series Paper from Stampin' Up! I will send you an email to let you know exactly when your order ships.

So check the catalog and mini catalog NOW! (pages 168, 169, 170, and 171 in the Spring Summer Catalog, or pg 8 or 16 in the Occasions Mini).

I hope you like this new organizer as much as I do. I am so excited to start using it!!

My Sister also suggested that it can be used for bill paying. Just slide your bill in the month pocket it's due and when paid write the name of the company on the date it was paid with the amount paid. Then you can slip the paid bill into the larger pocket at the top of the organizer. You would need to seal the bottom of that pocket first but a strip of Sticky Tape or some SNAIL should do the trick! What a great idea Sis and then you can file the book with your tax paperwork at the end of the year. This would also be great for us as a Demonstrator to keep track of what we have bought throughout the year (filing our receipts in the pockets) and then also file it with our taxes. Everything will be all in one place and ready to go to the accountant when you file your taxes!

Let me know if you have any questions. I'd be happy to help you in any way I can.
Have a great week and thanks for coming by to see me!

This organizer uses Spring Fling Designer Series Paper.

2 Wonderful Comments:

Lorie said...

Holy cow, girlfriend! I totally love this planner...the colors are absolutely fantastic! You are so talented! :o) By the way...what is your favorite color?

Courtney Fowler said...

This is GREAT, Lorraine!

You've been busy!

Having a party on my blog, and you're invited! :)

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