This one's for you My Love Chicken

Well...did you notice my new picture?? I updated the old one because my DH thought I needed a better picture. One where my roots aren't gray. LOL!! The truth is, my roots are gray most of the time. I think I have ultra gray hair because it grows so fast that I would have to color it once a week if I never wanted any gray hair. He doesn't really mind my gray hair in real life but he just thought I might have a better picture to show you. So, I changed my picture. It's one of my favorite pictures of me. It's at our wedding reception almost 15 years ago. It's actually a picture of my DH & I having our first toast. We are just cracking up in the picture but I can't remember why. :0) So, I thought I'd show you the full picture here. I'll update my blog profile once I find another picture I like of myself. That's hard to do because I'm always the one behind the camera. LOL

Anyway, thanks for strolling down memory lane with me. I hope you have a great night. Oh, and, I love you My Chicken Man! (just a nickname I call my DH because he has chicken legs but, they're still pretty cute!!)
PS Isn't he just the cutest?!?!?!? Love you my husband!

3 Wonderful Comments:

Lorie said...

That is an absolutely wonderful picture! You know we don't care about the gray hair...right? Thank you for your wonderful comment on my blog! You are such a wonderful blogging friend!

Emily said...

What a beautiful picture! Y'all look so incredibly happy together! So sweet =).

Kristi said...

OMG LOOK at you two....You guys need to be in a picture frame..you know like when you buy a new frame it has picture in it....LOVE this...

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