WOO HOO!!! My very first RAK! I just want to send out a super special THANK YOU to Debbie Little of Beloit WI!!!! I received this beautiful RAK from Debbie and it just made my day!! It's so delicate and girly and SPARKLY...my favorite!! Thank you so very much Debbie I LOVE IT!!

If you're wondering what a RAK is it's a Random Act of Kindness. Lots of stampers send these to others for no reason at all, or actually, just to bring some happiness into the lives of others. It is a wonderful feeling to receive one as well as send one. Try it, I promise it will make you feel good.

Thanks again Debbie and thank you all for coming to see me today. It has made my day a little happier!

2 Wonderful Comments:

Lorie said...

That is adorable! I used to live abut 20 minutes from Beloit and I lived in Beloit for about 2 years! Small world!

Susan Shields said...

Aren't RAK's so much fun to receive??? That is a darling card too!!!
Hope to see some of your popsicle creations, and of course, some "Summertime Fun" cards for our LNStampersconvention09 challenge this week!!! :)

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