MAD Challenge Days 1, 2 & 3

Happy Wednesday. No I'm not MAD but I do have a MAD Challenge for you. Deann Oliver has challenged all of us paper crafters to use what we've made to Make A Difference! Make A Difference in someone's life by sending a handmade card or gift every day of the month of February. What a fantastic idea I thought to my self. I make hundreds of cards and have really been bad about sending them out. SOOOOO, I have chosen some of the cards I've made to send to some friends this month. I hope you are up to the challenge and do the same. Think of the smile you will put on someone's face when they receive your special greeting.

Thank you for coming to see me today. You have put a smile on my face by doing so. :0)

Have a wonderful day!

Here are the cards I sent out today. I sent out 3 because I missed the first two days of the month and wanted to catch up. Some of the cards you will see during my MAD Challenge may be cards you've already seen. I thought you might like to see them again. :0)

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