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Have you bought the new My Digital Studio 2+ program yet??!! If not, you need to call me right now to order yours! 510/789-3956  I have to tell you, I've used Photoshop for years. I mean we're talking 15 years and I love it BUT, I just got the new digital program from SU! called My Digital 2+ and I'm just blown away at how awesome it is! I can create, import, design, and just have fun with this new program! There are over $5,000 worth of stamps, punches, elements, cardstock, designer papers, embellishments, ribbons, brads, buttons and more in this 1 program. Have you ever wanted that new stamp set and thought it was just a little too expensive? Well, chances are, it's in MDS2+! You can create your cards, scrapbook pages, calendars, whatever you can think of in this program and just print it right out at home OR send it off to our printer for a spectacular looking project!
I just can't say enough about the MDS2+! I could go on and on but until you get it on your computer, you're never going to know what I mean. SO...CALL ME RIGHT NOW to get your copy. OH, and it's a download so you don't have to wait for a disc to come in the mail. You can order it and in just a few hours you'll get an email from SU! with your very own copy! Now that's how I like to shop!

Ok, so, I've been playing with my new MDS2+ and here's what I've created so far...
This card is a total CASE of a card by Catherine Pooler. Yes, it is! Catherine made this card with her stamps, cardstock, ink and paper. I created the same card (with a few changes) in My Digital Studio!!! Is that cool or what?? Check out Catherine's card and then look at mine, please let me know what you think. Does my card look like a digital card? I think it looks pretty 2 dimensional myself. :0)
So, please leave me a comment, I love comments, good or bad. 

Now, check out the card below. I started from scratch. I mean, I just opened my MDS and started playing with papers, cardstock and stamps. After I got my base card done I just started adding stamps, ribbon, pearls, buttons and a brad! I just love this new digital program. Let me tell you how easy it is. My son (9 years old) helped me with this card. He actually sat with me and started telling me what the card needed and what to take away. He told me to resize things, move things, add things and delete things. When we were done with this card he made his very own card, all by himself!!! He watched me create this card then he sat down and made his own!! Come on, if a 9 year old boy can use this program and enjoy it I think anyone would love to have it! I will share his card as soon as I take a pic of it. He's so proud of it! 
Thanks for stopping by to see me today.
Hope you're enjoying your NEW YEAR!!

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