Painted/Rope Beach Picture

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WOW! It's been a long time since I've been here.
I hope I still have some readers out there. :o)

So, I saw this sign a while back in a store and wanted to do something like it but a little different. 

Here's the sign I saw, and bought.

 Well, I thought that was pretty cute but I wanted one with white rope. SO, this is what I came up with. 

I bought an old frame at a flea market for $1. It was ugly and gold. Well, I can't have a gold frame in my mostly white beach house so, I painted it white. A LOT of white. Can't remember how may coats but it was a lot. Did I mention that I used Kilz 2 as my paint choice? Yep, I didn't use any regular paint, only the Kilz 2. It covered really well but I did need quite a few coats...did I already mention that? LOL  Anyway, after the frame was done I bought some canvas boards at Ross. They were so cheap, 10 8x10 boards for $7.99 AND the watercolor paints were there too, 12 colors for $3.99!! You can't beat that! I'm all in for a total of $13! WOO HOO!
Ok, I get out my paintbrushes and went to town. Just layered some color onto the canvas, nothing fancy, let it dry then hot glued the rope to it. DONE! Slid the painting into the frame and voila, a new piece of art for our beach house! 
BTW: We don't really live at the beach, but we pretend we do every day!

Thanks for stopping by. 
I really enjoyed our visit!

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