Create your own Rub Ons!

I just tried this technique and it worked perfectly! I used Overhead Transparency Sheets and followed the directions and voila, a perfect rub on and in Groovy Guava!! Or as close to Groovy Guava as I could get. Sorry I don't have a picture because I was just playing around on typing paper but it really works! You've got to try this! I found this tip on a blog I subscribe to called Debby's Stampin'Heaven. You can check out more of Debby's great tips and see some fantastic work by going to www.debbysstampinheaven.blogspot.com. I tried to post the link here but for some reason it's not working but you can just copy the address and paste it into your browser to get there. Thank you so much Debby for allowing me to post this on my blog! Debby couldn't remember who actually came up with this tip so if you are reading this and you are that very creative person, please let me know. I would like to give you full credit for creating such an awesome technique! Happy rubbing!!! LOL!!

Ok, here are the directions:
This technique is just too cool! Rub-ons are all the rage these days, but you may find it difficult to locate the perfect theme, color, etc. for your project. Well, now you can custom make your own!
Supplies you will need:
Transparency sheet or a piece of page protector, cut to fit your printer. (Most will be 8.5 x 11)
Popsicle stick (or similar object to rub the ink)
Computer and Word Processing Program Printer
1) Open your Word Processing Program, and type the words you want to use for your rub-ons. Choose your favorite font, color, size etc. You can even add a graphic if you like!
2) Choose "Print". Click on "properties" and choose the following: "Best Quality" (you want as much ink as possible on the transparency) "Mirror" or "Word Flip" (this will flip your text so that it's backwards.
3) Now print. If you're using a transparency, be sure and print on the slick side, not the rough side. If you're using page protector, either side is fine.
4) After it prints, set it aside to dry for 15 minutes. (Of course I couldn't wait 15 minutes so I just blew on it the first time and it worked fine. The second time I tried it I didn't even blow on it and it worked too!! Just be really careful cuz' it will smear. Lorraine) Don't touch it, it will smudge!
5) Choose the paper/project you want to use. Place the transparency, ink side down on the paper. Using the Popsicle stick, rub firmly across all the letters. Lift it up and voila! Your text is on your project!

Isn't that soooooo cool?!?!? If you try this please leave me a comment and let me know how it worked for you. And, of course, if you make a project using this technique I'd love to see that too! Thanks for checking in and I hope you have a great day! Lorraine

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Courtney Fowler said...

I just heard of these... have you tried them? I can't wait!

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