I've Been TAGGED!!

I was tagged by Courtney Fowler…I've never done this before so here goes! Thanks for thinking of me Courtney! Hey, go check out Courtney's blog, she's got some great stories on there as well as some awesome stamped eye candy!

Five things I was doing 10 years ago
This one's hard for me. I can barely remember what I was doing yesterday let alone 10 years ago!!
1. Enjoying not working a full time job.
2. Lot's and lot's of SU! workshops
3. Traveling a lot
4. Decorating our home
5. Trying to get pregnant

Five things on my to do list today
1. Laundry... YUK! (yeah me too Courtney!)
2. Cut all the cardstock for my meeting tonight
3. Take care of my little man - he's sick
4. Color my hair
5. Oh, and take a shower...LOL!!

Five things I will do when I’m a millionaire
1. Pay off each family members house (that's because when I become a millionaire I will have millions and millions! LOL)
2. Buy a larger home for us
3. Invest for the future
4. Give some to charity
5. Do some traveling

Five things I’ll never wear again
1. Leg Warmers
2. Spaghetti strap tops
3. A bikini :0(
4. Scrunchies (elastic bands are what I wear now when I have my hair up. Used to love those scrunchies though. Had them in every color to mach whatever I was wearing. LOL)
5. A size 6

Five of my favorite toys
1. Anything in my Stamp Room
2. My Computer
3. My Son...ok he's not a toy but we have so much fun together playing with his toys!
4. How about going to Scrapbook U for classes. Does that count?
5. hmmm...can't think of anything else. How sad that I don't have even "5" toys. I'll have to work on that one.

Five banes of my existence
1. LAUNDRY, yes I totally agree Courtney!!
2. Cleaning the toilet
3. When my baby is sick. I wish I could take it all and have him healthy all the time!
4. Mean, cranky, negative people!!!
5. OBGYN appointments...yuck!

I’m going to tag:
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1 Wonderful Comments:

Courtney Fowler said...

Yay Lorraine! I've learned so much about you!

Hey, I just posted a swap on my blog. I do hope you'll join!

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