Here's another NEW TOY!

This is the Big Bite Cropadile! I was at my LSS, you know the one, Scrapbook U ::: "The Best Little Store Around" :: Fremont CA! Well, Monica (the owner) just received a shipment (I knew this because I saw the FedEx guy hauling in some boxes!!) of these Big Bites and I just asked her how much they were and she told me the price BUT if I bought the case and all it's goodies inside, I could get a 15% discount!!! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!! I jumped on that deal like a kid in a bounce house!! Dude, that's the best price I've ever seen for the Big Bite AND the case filled with all the goodies!! The total came to $45.03 (less tax)!! If you have been wanting one of these I suggest you call Monica RIGHT NOW! She had a few but I'm not sure how many. Here's her phone number in case you want one. I'm sure she'd be happy to ship you one too if you want to pay the shipping charges...510/490-5065! SCRAPBOOK U AND MONICA TOTALLY ROCK!!

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