Valentine's Day Cards

I know Valentine's Day is over and you're all thinking about the next holiday but I just remembered that I never showed you my Valentine's day cards. I hope you all had a super special "love day"!
Here are the cards:

The first one is the card my son (4 years old) made me. (I cut the heart out and he did the rest)
This next card is the card he made his Daddy! Lot's of sparkle on this one in real life!This is a card I received from my wonderful friend Edra Jandro! Isn't she the sweetest??!! Thanks so much Edra, you really made my day!And...here's the one I made my love of my life, my chicken man...And here's the one I made my other love of my life, my son...

1 Wonderful Comments:

Lorie said...

Great cards all the way around!

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