15 Year Anniversary and a little rant about Kindergarten homework...

This is the card I made for the most special person in my life...my Husband of 15 years!! Yep, that's right, 15 years. It doesn't feel like 15 years though. I feel like it was just last year that we got married. I can remember it like it was yesterday. It was the most awesome day ever! I would do it all over again in a heartbeat! I love you my Husband! Just in case you can't read the sentiment here's what it says:
the time to be happy is now. the place to be happy is here. WITH YOU!

Have a wonderful week and thanks again for hanging in there with me and my sporadic posts! I'll try to be better. We are just getting in the routine of school. Kindergarten that is. We had homework in preschool but this year is a lot different. We are getting quite a bit and for those of you that have son's in Kindergarten, I hope you don't know the work it is to get your child to color like I know. My son absolutely hates to color. I know hate is a strong word but this little man just does not like any aspect of coloring. That is, with color crayons. Now give him one of my Stampin' Up! Stampin' Write Markers and he goes to town!! LOL! It's just the crayon thing. I don't understand it but we are working through it and we will prevail!! :0) Have you ever heard of 5 pages of homework in Kindergarten? Well, normally it's 3 but today we had 5!! Yes, 5! It's ok though. I love sitting with him while he does his work. I just love watching his little hands write and color. Ok, enough of that. Just know that I appreciate your sticking with me!

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Lorie said...

Oh, this is just great! How thoughtful are you!

Anthonette said...

Hi Lorraine, what a sweet card. Congrats on your 15th anniversary!

I remember we have sons the same age. Mine also started kindergarten last month. He gets a stack of homework every Friday and it's due the following Friday. It means we have to complete 1 or 2 everyday. My son was never interested in using Crayons either...he's a kid who loves to build with Legos, Kid K'Nex, blocks, Tinker Toys, etc. I've used his white crayon more than he has. I'm surprised he can color as well as he can. He rarely goes outside the line.

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