Some Decorated Pails

Well, I've had these pails for months now. I just couldn't think of anything to do with them until now. Thanks to Patty Bennett I finally did it! I went to Patty Bennett's downline meeting last Saturday and saw the pails she made and that was it!! I had to make some for myself. You can see Patty's pails here: Patty's Stamping Spot: My Snowflake Die Cut Project, & the Big Shot is NOW Ava and here: Patty's Stamping Spot: Fun Tins!
Stay tuned for more posts...I've got the card I made for our trades at the meeting plus all the other fabulous trades I received!!
Thanks for visiting me today.
Have a great day!

3 Wonderful Comments:

Courtney said...

Oh Lorraine, these are just adorable!

Lorie said...

I'm with Courtney...these pails are GREAT!!!

Cindy Major said...

Those are so cute!! I think the striped ribbon one is my fave :)


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