Another Ornament

This ornament came about through a mistake I made. I wanted to try to make an ornament using the paper lantern technique but not a round ornament. Well, I played and played with it and just didn't like it. So, I was just about to throw this away when I realized I could try something different. I had the paper lantern already made, then pinched the centers together, tied knots at both ends and then cut the loops. I hope you're following me so far. Then I just spread the pieces out, alternating the paper design and glued them together. Added some red Stickles, punched a Scallop out, glued a Prima Flower to it, added a glass bead to the center of that with Crystal Effects, and glued it to the center. Then I tied a ribbon to it and voila, it's an ornament. I might try this a little smaller and in white next time. This one is 5". Let me know if you have any questions and I'll do my best to answer you. Thanks for being here!

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