SU! Group Meeting

Here are the cards we all made at our Stampin' Up! Meeting Monday night. Mine is the circle card on a earlier post so I didn't repeat it here. At this meeting we are working on a Technique Album. Each month we are to take a technique and design a make n take for the group to do.

This design was from Debbie Colbacchini-Bleaching Technique:
Soak a piece of felt or folded paper towel with bleach. Use as an ink pad and stamp on colored cardstock. Watch as the bleach removes color leaving a beautiful faded image.
This design is from Katja Pastor-Faux Diamond Dust Technique:
Stamp a piece of cardstock. Cover entire piece with a generous layer of Versamark ink. Cover with iridescent ice embossing powder. Remove excess and heat. This design was from Gina Cardera-Pulled Pastels Technique:
Rub Stampin’ Pastels all over a dark piece of cardstock using a cotton ball. Ink a stamp with the Versamark pad and stamp onto the chalked cardstock. The stamp will “pull” off the chalk, leaving a negative image. This works best with a bold image. This card was also designed by Gina Cardera-Poppin' Pastels Technique:
Stamp image on cardstock with Versamark, white Craft or vanilla Craft ink. Rub cotton ball into pastels and then pounce over image to see the colors pop.

This was designed by Pat Zahn-Mirror Image Technique: Select a large shadow stamp such as the rectangle from Great Shapes. Ink the stamp you wish to mirror and stamp it onto the clean shape stamp. Stamp the shape stamp onto the cardstock for a backwards image. Re-ink the stamp and stamp it next to the backward image using a Stamp-a-ma-jig to line up the images exactly. This was designed by Ana Garcia-Wood Grain Technique:Cut a stampin’ sponge into quarters. Ink the pointed edge with Vanilla Craft (pigment) Ink. Lightly brush in one direction along the cardstock. Repeat with Close to Cocoa Craft Ink. Mask sections or use markers to simulate boards/nails if desired. Try different colors of cardstock, ink. This was designed by Jennifer Wu-Soot Stamping Technique:

Optional first step: Using the brayer, cover glossy cardstock with classic ink of any or assorted colors. Next, hold the cardstock against the flame of a lit candle, moving quickly, until it is covered with soot. Press stamps onto the soot to expose the white or colored cardstock image. Spray piece with acrylic sealer.This was designed by Lanette Ibarra-Marbles Technique:
Place several marbles in a plastic stamp case. Add a few drops of coordinating ink refills. Roll marbles. Attach cardstock with Hermafix transfer to the lid of the case. Close lid, flip and swirl.

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