Pumpkin Patch

I've been seeing this technique used to make paper lanterns quite a bit but, have you seen them as pumpkins??? Well, Tracey Roy (Lakeshore Stamper) made some and they are beautiful. I finally had to try it. I used non Stampin' Up! paper for the big one and retired paper for the two others. All you need to do is decide how big you want your pumpkin, that's the height (mine are 12", 8" & 6"), then cut a 12" piece of paper/card stock into 1" strips. Stack your strips and use your Crop A Dile to punch a hole at the bottom and one at the top. Thread ribbon through the hole in the bottom pull it through the top and tie it off, after you have decided the shape you want your pumpkin to be. Spread out the strips and you have your pumpkin! You can add leaves and little tendrills too. I just cut some leaves freehand and then used some scraps for the tendrills and wrapped them around a paintbrush. Each one litterally only took me 5 minutes to make. I hope you get a chance to make some this Fall. Oh, the real pumpkin came from the pumpkin patch yesterday. My son's preschool class had a field trip to Perry Farms (Ardenwood) in Fremont but because it rained the night before we couldn't go into the patch. We did get to go on a hay ride and pick out a small pumpkin though. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time. I hope your day is just as beautiful!We even saw a couple of Peacocks. I've never seen one in person. The blue on their necks was a color you could never imagine. It is the most beautiful, brilliant color I've ever seen.

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Monica-FC said...

that is so cool. I will have to remember that and the pic of the peacock is so cool. I never seen one either in person. i bet is it was exciting. what a great layout also. :)

Amy said...

I googled for pumpkin patches when I came across your site. Great idea for making pumpkins! I was also looking for a Halloween project to do with my daughter. Thanks!

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