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As promised here are the cards I received from Jeanne Bohanon's MISS Swap! I just have to tell you that I was so impressed with this swap and I plan on joining more of Jeanne's MISS Swaps. Like I said before...click on over to Jeanne's blog and sign up, you won't regret it! Come back tomorrow to see the card I made for this swap. I hope to see you then!

This first card was created by Jennifer Huber. Just look at the different centers for each flower! Plus, she stamped the sentiment right on the twill ribbon and it didn't bleed!! How awesome is that? I've never been able to stamp on ribbon without it bleeding! Great job Jennifer!

This card was created by Sherry Wilfong-Palzet. Let me tell you an awesome secret about this card...see that pretty ribbon? First of all, it goes ALL the way around the card. Second, there is no seam to be seen!!! Sherry hid the seam under the wagon!!! That is one awesome little trick Sherry!! I will definitely be using that trick!!This cute little ducky card was created by Donna Centamore. I've got a totally goose bump inspiring story to tell you about Donna. Come back tomorrow for that story!! Well, as you can see, this card is absolutely darling! Check out the little ducky's wing...it's all sparkly with chunky glitter!! WOO HOO! I LOVE SPARKLY STUFF! Oh, and check out the Eyelet Border punch...she layered the border and the holes don't show in the layer underneath. That is something I would have never thought of. I would have thought the holes would have shown through. Great idea Donna!! Oh, and check out the inside of the card below. Too cute!!!Here's another awesome card. Barbara Jean Smith created this incredible card with an interesting fold. Check out the next picture to see how it opens. It's totally 3-D!! Take a good look at that wagon too...it's completely cut out, every detail! Barbara Jean used some gold ink for the details of the wagon as she made it look totally like barn wood. You've got to see this in real life. It looks like real wood!!

Here's our Hostesses card, Jeanne Bohanon. Look at the water coloring detail of this heart image. It looks like the heart is raised and the inside of the vine border is deeper than the rest of the image. It might not come over that way online but in person this card is gorgeous! Just look at the super soft embossing from our new Embossing Templates. The softness of the embossing goes perfectly with this card! Check out the unique fold of this card too! Scroll down to the next picture to see the inside!

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Butternut Sage Designs said...

hi Lorraine, thanks for the nice showcase on us on your blog. You are too sweet. People love "our" story so I can't wait to read yours! Hugs~ I mean{} it! ~Donna

Shiozaki Beach girls said...

very cute cards and nice photos too!

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