My friend Tracy asked me to help her out while making this apron for a Secret Santa Christmas gift. Isn't it the cutest apron ever!! I think it turned out perfect! Tracy picked the colors she wanted to use and because she didn't know if it was going to a man or a woman we kept it gender neutral. Tracy also picked out the stamps she wanted to use. I think she did a fantastic job! Tracy isn't a big stamper (I'm working on that) but I think she's a natural! Didn't she do a great job on this! She wanted to kep it simple and I totally agree. Any more and it would have been too much! Now, I did take some cute pictures of Tracy but for some reason my Photoshop couldn't read any of the files except this one. If I can get Tracy to pose for me again I'll try to get one of her beautiful face. She really is cute! What a great idea for a teacher, a chef, a Dad that bbq's, a neighbor, anyone really! Have a great day and thanks for stopping by to see me. Lorraine

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Courtney Fowler said...

Way to go, Tracy! Great job!

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