Tin Ornaments Preschool

These are the ornaments we made in my son's preschool class. YES, these were all made by 4 year olds!! (We even had a 2 year old make one!!)I can't believe how talented and creative these kids are. If you look closely you'll see they aren't all Christmas images. There are hearts, flowers, a birthday cake, and even a hedgehog!! I took about 12 stamp sets to class, some with Christmas images, some without, and let them choose their image. They stamped the image and the color of their choice. Colored it in if needed, added glue and Dazzling Diamonds glitter. Then glued the image inside of the tin, and then added the snowflake glitter. I had another Mom (Hi Tracy, thanks for being there for me!!) helping out with the ribbon on the outside but that's about it. The kids really did most of the work. It was so much fun. I absolutely love working in my son's class. I think I could be there every day but I need to let go and let my son have some time away from Mommie sometimes. :0) I have one more note here...If you are afraid of letting some 4 year olds use your stamps and pads please think again. These kids are the cleanest and neatest group of stampers I have ever had in my 11+ years as a demonstrator!! I'd let them use my stamps and pads again and again!! Happy Holidays to you all! Lorraine

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Courtney Fowler said...

What a fab idea, Lorraine! Where on earth did you get the tins???

I didn't know you had a four year old! If he's anything like my Corbin you've got your hands full!

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