Lydia's T-Shirt Birthday Party

I was asked by a friend to help out with making some stamped t-shirts for her daughter's 9 year birthday party. Of course I said yes!!! What fun, working with a bunch of 9 year old girls for the day! Ok, if you don't understand why, it's because I'm with boys all day, every day. My wonderful hubby and my most amazing little boy. I absolutely love being with them but it's so nice to hang out with girls sometimes. I had the most fun with these girls. They were all very talented (as you can see below) and so well behaved! All I did was bring some stamps and watch as the girls created their masterpeices! I was there to help clean the stamps and brushes as they worked so intently. Just look at the wonderful job each girl did!! Thank you so much Tara and Lydia for inviting me out for a fun "GIRL" day! Love ya, Lorraine

1 Wonderful Comments:

Courtney Fowler said...

*GASP* What a wonderful idea! My daughter would love a party like that! Thanks so much for the idea, it looks like they had a blast!!

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