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I saw this awesome idea on Patty Bennett's blog, http://www.pattystamps.typepad.com/ and just knew I had to do this myself! I created Circle Templates from the New Circle Scissor Plus tool. These templates will help when deciding on which size circle I will need for a scrapbook page, a stamped image, a picture, layering and so much more. I've used my Xyron to laminate all of my templates and then I tied them together with ribbon. I could have used a binder ring but I wanted my templates to be able to lay flat over an image and the ribbon with help me do that. They are hanging right above my desk so I can grab and use them whenever I need them. You're brilliant Patty. Thank you for sharing this awesome idea.
Edit to Add:
I created my templates in 1.5" increments but with the Circle Scissor Plus you can cut circles at an infinite number of sizes. The tool also has centimeter marks. There's a dial on the tool that lets you create ANY size circle. I've also added my Punch circles. With this tool you can also DRAW ANY size circle. This idea would also be great for all of your punches. Just punch them out, laminate them and you can browse your Stampin' Up! catalog to see what images fit into which punch.
Circle Scissor Plus
Making perfect circles has never been simpler! Use the
Circle Scissor Plus to cut and draw circles with ease.
Works best with the Glass Mat. Replacement blades
are sold separately in a package of 3.
112530 Circle Scissor Plus $29.95
112532 Replacement Blades $3.95

Glass Mat
Mat provides a smooth glass cutting surface that
allows a cutting blade to glide without dragging or
skipping. Use with the Circle Scissor Plus. 13" x 13".
112531 Glass Mat $19.95

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