WOW! This is so sweet! I just got this award from Tammy Fite! (http://www.stampwithtammy.com/) Thanks Tammy! You just made my day!
Now I need to tag 6 of my favorite blogs (besides Tammy's) so here they are:
Patty Bennett: http://pattystamps.com/pattys_stamping_spot/
Kristina Werner: http://www.kwernerdesign.com/blog/
Corinne Summerville: http://www.stampingwithroxy.typepad.com/
Emily Weems: http://stampingexpressions.blogspot.com/
Jill Hilliard: http://jill031070.blogspot.com/
Dawn Easton: http://www.treasureoilerdesignz.blogspot.com/

3 Wonderful Comments:

Lorie said...

Congrats on the award Lorraine! I love your blog too! :o)

Emily said...

Thanks so much for the award Lorraine! You totally made my day!

corinnesomerville said...

You were so completely sweet to nominate me for this award !!! I really appreciate it !!! You're so sweet !

Have a great day
Corinne (aka Roxy)

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