Downline Meeting Swaps

Here are the beautiful cards we all swapped at our last downline meeting. Scroll down to my card to see if you can figure out what's wrong with it. (Yes, I know I'm a dork!!) Then scroll down even more to see the card fixed.
Have a wonderful weekend and thank you so much for coming to see me today!

Created by Jennifer WuCreated by Joyce CramCreated by Edra JandroCreated by Rosemarrie GonzalezOk...This is my lovely card...DUH!! Can you figure out what's wrong with it before scrolling down to see the fixed card?Here's the card all fixed. I can't believe I made all those cards with the ampersand at the end of the word "Love". WHAT A SUPER DORK I AM!! Ladies, I am so sorry. If you bring your cards back to the next meeting I will fix them for you. By the way...did any of you notice the mistake??

1 Wonderful Comments:

Lorie said...

They are all absolutely fantastic cards girl!

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